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Cashmere Zari Tila work all over

Cashmere Zari Tila work all over

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Our magnificent 100% Cashmere Shawl adorned with Zari Tila work all over, a true symbol of luxury and craftsmanship originating from the majestic valleys of Kashmir, India.

What sets this shawl apart is its intricate Zari Tila work, where fine metallic threads are delicately woven into the fabric to create stunning patterns and designs. Each motif shines with the brilliance of Zari, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to the shawl.

Whether draped elegantly over your shoulders or worn as a statement accessory, our 100% Cashmere Shawl with Zari Tila work is sure to captivate attention and elevate any ensemble.

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